Intentional Goal-Setting in 2018

Every new year brings new expectations, new hopes and desires. Many, when faced with a new year, believe it is time to make a list of things to accomplish.

There is nothing wrong with coming up with a list of goals–the problem occurs when people make wild lists of goals because they feel they are expected to do so. If a person tends to set the same goal each year, there is obviously a problem with the mindset behind the goal. Is there a significant intention behind the goal? Are you wanting to make changes to your life because society is telling you to? Or are you convinced that in order to become a better person you need to make a few changes?

There is a significant difference between goals which stem from true intention and desire to grow and goals which are the result of societal pressure.

This year, I hope to continue to to grow in my trust of God. I am reading the diary of St. Faustina and her dedication and trust in God astounds me. She says to God, “I walk through life like a little child, offering you each day this heart. Burning with love for Your greater glory.”

I want to focus on being content wherever God leads me.

Outwardly, I hope to exhibit these goals by regular attendance at daily mass and prioritizing time for prayer each day. Even if I just set aside a few minutes each day, it makes such a difference. It is easy for me to get so busy that I just run through my prayers without being completely mindful. I want to do my best to focus on changing this.

My goals stem from the feeling that God is calling me to throw out my fears and use my gifts to glorify Him.

What are the intentions behind your goals?

–Mary Grace

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