Walking into Janitor Closets (and other transferring adventures)

I’m currently home in Texas for spring break and finally have time to write and reflect a little on the semester so far. I can’t believe it’s halfway over!

As many know, my school St. Gregory’s University unexpectedly closed at the end of last semester so students were forced to transfer to finish their degrees. I was extremely lucky in that I was able to transfer to Benedictine College with people I knew.  Benedictine is an awesome school but transferring is just hard. It’s even harder when you didn’t exactly choose to transfer AND it’s the middle of the year. There have been many ups and downs. I find that sometimes I just need to continually repeat to myself, “Jesus, I trust in You.” Anyway, without farther ado, here’s a few adventures I’ve experienced so far!

1. Walking into a Janitor’s Closet
Let me explain: I had just walked out of class. I meant to walk into the bathroom, but instead opened the door into the janitor’s closet. I walked inside and found myself face to face with a broom. Wait, this isn’t right… I turned around to walk out, thinking that it was fine. No one was probably watching, right? Wrong. I walked out to a girl hysterically laughing at me. Cue me awkwardly smiling and walking away as fast as possible.

2. Living in a Mousetrap
My lovely roommates (who all transferred from St. Greg’s as well) and I were ecstatic to be living together, especially when we heard our room would include a lounge. However, when we arrived, image our surprise when we open up the door and our “lounge” is the size of a tiny hallway and our bedrooms are the size of walk-in closets. Our dorm building use to be the monastery and apparently each room is different because each monk got to design his own room (apparently the monk who designed our room really liked narrow hallways). We’ve been told our room is called the “mousetrap” because it’s so tiny. However, we’re making it work! We definitely still hang out in our tiny lounge and have fun.

3. Spur-of-the-Moment Application
Benedictine College has a really incredible Ministry Program. The deadline to apply for one of the Ministry Leader positions for next Fall was February 14th. Leading up to the deadline, I couldn’t decide whether or not to apply. Finally, the day before the application was due, I decided to. I wrote all the essays, answered all the questions, and asked people to serve as references. I turned in the application an hour before it was due. I’m not usually someone who likes doing things last minute, but I ended up getting a position so I guess it worked out?

4. Getting Pulled Over for No Reason
My roommates and I drove to Kansas City one weekend to go to Chick-fil-A (yes, it’s worth it to drive an hour just for CFA) and to go see The Greatest Showman. On the way back, I got pulled over. I knew I wasn’t speeding so I was wondering what the heck was going on. The police-officer told me I didn’t dim my brights when I drove passed him. I found that odd since my brights weren’t even on. I didn’t get a ticket and I’m pretty sure he was just bored.

5. Dealing with COLD COLD COLD
Everyone told me before I went to Benedictine that it rarely snowed. I’m pretty sure it snowed three times in the first month. Also, I’m pretty sure all of Kansas is flat EXCEPT for Benedictine which is built onto a hill. Most of the classes are held on top of this hill so to get to class, students have to climb up what is known as “the Raven Walk.” When it was super cold and icy outside the wind would literally blow tears out of my eyes so by the time I got to class it looked like I was crying. To say I’m looking forward to warmer weather is an understatement…

So there you have it, a few adventures at Benedictine so far!

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