Do Not Be Discouraged

Sometimes, it feels as if nothing is easy. Nothing is falling into place. It is tempting to give up and think that since it is not easy, it is not meant to be. When I was competing in Irish dance, I was trying to win first place so I would qualify for the national competition. I kept getting second place. I got second place five times before I finally won. I was so frustrated. I was tempted to give up. However, I kept working hard and I appreciated my success so much more because of my difficulties.

We are all called to persevere. We are called to be saints and fulfill our role in God’s plan. But what does this look like? How can we act as saints in our daily lives? One way is to persevere in our daily struggles and offer up our sufferings to God.

St. Josemaria said: A saint is a sinner who keeps trying.

How easy is it to place the saints in a separate category? Yeah, they were human, but they were special. They were called by God. They were strong.

This is not true. They were weak. They struggled. They failed. However, they did not give up. In times of weakness, they turned to God.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton also talks about the value of perseverance. You think it very hard to lead a life of such restraint unless you keep your eye of faith always open. Perseverance is a great grace. To go on gaining and advancing every day, we must be resolute, and bear and suffer as our blessed forerunners did. Which of them gained heaven without a struggle?

Even if we think we are doing everything “right,” we will face struggles. It is not easy to become a saint. Yet we are all called to do so. We are all called to be “resolute” in our beliefs and to accept the suffering we receive.

St.Therese of Lisieux says: We must not be discouraged by our faults, for children fall frequently.

We are children of God. We must learn to trust God as young children trust their parents to care for them. Though it is difficult, we must not fall into despair when we fall. We must trust in God’s mercy and love for us. Do not allow pain and suffering to overwhelm you. Use the suffering to grow closer to God. For we will fail and we will suffer. We must find the strength to overcome our failings

Wishing everyone a blessed Holy Week,
Mary Grace

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