That Time I Fell on My Face

Let me tell the story of the time when falling on my face taught me a lesson (besides the obvious fact that I should learn how to use stairs).

 It’s a sunny Friday morning. I’m walking upstairs to go to class. IT’S FRIDAY, YAY, I think. It’s gonna be a great day. Suddenly, I trip and fall on my face. Everyone around me doesn’t stop. They just keep walking on by me. I look around to see if anyone noticed. They didn’t, so I quickly jump up and keep walking like nothing happened.

 I often find myself yearning for others’ approval. I want to look good to others. I seek fulfillment and attention from other people. 
Sometimes, when I am lonely, when I feel I am missing out on others’ attention, it can be tempting to succumb to despair. But then I realized something.
I do not need others’ approval.
I only need God’s.
I realized that what I am yearning for can only be fulfilled by Christ. I am seeking approval and attention from places that cannot give it to me. I need to place my heart in the hands of the Lord. He will keep it safe for me. When I fall, I need to go to Christ to help me up.
When you fall, who do you look to?
God bless,
Mary Grace

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