Trust in Him, He Trusts in You

Jesus, I trust in You.

I have said this prayer countless times in my life.

Yet, it was not until recently that something hit me. Not only should I trust Jesus, but I should recognize that He trusts me.

Jesus wants us to trust in Him just as He trusts in us. I never before considered how much Jesus trusted me. He trusts me to love Him and never give up on Him. He trusts me to serve Him. He believes in my ability to do good. He believes in me when I do not think I am strong enough.

St. Peter denied Jesus. He was scared and lacked faith. Yet, Peter was the one Jesus chose to lead His church. Jesus made Peter the first bishop, the rock on which the church was built. Jesus trusted Peter in spite of his failure.

In times of worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety, remember this: Christ chose you. He trusts you.

In Christ,
Mary Grace

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