Who am I?

“I need to find myself!”

Have you ever heard someone utter something similar? I sure have. Humans have a deep-rooted need to define themselves. We need to have our own identity. I have struggled with this myself. For years I was a competitive dancer and when I went to college and wasn’t competing I struggled to figure out who I was if I wasn’t a dancer.

However, contrary to what the world thinks, our identity as humans is not based upon our talents or what we simply do. Who we are is not comprised of our successes or failures. Do not make the mistake of defining yourself by a label you are given.

Jacques Philippe in his book Interior Freedom discusses this issue. “Human beings are more than the sum of the good they can accomplish. They are children of God, whether they do good or cannot yet manage to do anything.”

The only thing that truly defines me is the fact that I am God’s child. No matter how badly I fail or how grandly I succeed, I will remain His child.

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