Freshman vs. Junior Year

freshman babies

Oh the differences between freshman me and junior me…

Freshman Year: Leaves for class 20 minutes early (even though it takes like 7 minutes to walk there)

Junior Year: I’m still on time kind of person…but I find myself in more situations where I need to sprint to class!

Freshman Year: Uncomfortable going anywhere alone and worried that if I do, people will think I have no friends.

Junior Year: Realize that I can choose what I want to do and what I don’t. I love doing things with people but realize that doing stuff by myself is fine and even fun sometimes.

Freshman Year: Make a point to start homework at least two days before its due and try to never leave things for the day before.

Junior Year: Literally gets up at 4am (true story) to study for a test that morning.

Freshman Year: When there is a meeting or other event in the evening, make sure I’m still dressed up and look nice.

Junior Year: There’s an event after 7pm? I’m wearing my pajamas (not literally…but I will wear comfy/athletic clothes…that I also sometimes sleep in. Do these count as pajamas?)

Freshman Year: Puts on (not a ton, but still) a good amount of makeup every day.

Junior Year: Only wears mascara and concealer

Freshman Year: Stays up until at least 12am pretty much every night. Don’t want to miss out on anything!

Junior Year: Sometimes goes to bed at 10:30 on a Friday night.

It’s so interesting to see what little details have changed as I’ve grown up! I’ve definitely become more self-assured and have cared less about what others may think of me. I’ve relaxed somewhat about deadlines (though I still like to work ahead, it’s not usually possible). My priorities are changed and I’m started to let go of things that just don’t really matter as much as I believed they did when I was a freshman.

Now: time for a Saturday of Adoration, dance practice, homework, tea-drinking, and probably procrastinating thanks to Pinterest… Happy Weekend!


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